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Really Rust Resistant


Brennan’s standard Trivalent CR3TM plating performs at nearly double the S.A.E. corrosion resistance requirement. This plating is silver in appearance and has been tested at 120 hours to white rust and 240 hours to red rust.


Developed to the requirements of leading OEMs, Brennan’s Zinc Nickel blend has proven durability and corrosion resistance nearly ve times the industry standard. Independently tested at 360 hours to white rust and 504 hours to red, Brennan’s Zinc Nickel is an excellent, cost e ective choice for enhanced performance.


Brennan Black® is the industry’s most advanced protection for highly corrosive applications. Field and lab tests show that our coating resists red rust beyond 1,700 hours of exposure- that means an advantage of more than 300 percent when compared to other plating. A proprietary blend of uoropolymer, engineering plastics and selected corrosion inhibitors, Brennan Black® protects your equipment investment and ensures longevity in the most corrosive environments, reducing your replacement costs.


For the ultimate corrosion resistance, stainless steel ttings are the best choice. Stainless steel is strong and has a wide temperature range of 425° to 800°, combined with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties. Stainless steel is required for many marine, chemical, gas and o shore equipment applications. Brennan manufactures and stocks an extensive range of stainless steel ttings.

* In addition to carbon steel and stainless steel, our ttings are also available in brass, aluminum and other exotic alloys.