Flange Fittings

Brennan manufactures a variety of flange fittings for connecting system equipment, such as flanged tube fittings, in both forged steel and stainless steel, schedule 61 and 62 flanges, and more. Our flanges and flange fittings are used in many industries to connect or reinforce a system safely and efficiently.

Our high-quality and reliable flange fittings are made to withstand high pressure and vibration. Explore our wide range of dependable flange fittings now. Brennan provides a wide selection of flanges and flange fittings for multiple applications. If you need something custom, our engineered solutions team can help create a solution for your application.

  • FS1700

    MFS-Flange Straight – Code 61

  • FS1704-FG

    MFS-Flange 90 Code 61

  • FS1800

    MFS-Flange Strt Code 62

  • FS1804-FG

    MFS-Flange 90 Code 62

  • FS1805

    MFS-MFS-Flange Code 62