The Rhino product line is a game-changer in hydraulic hose protection, providing unparalleled durability and abrasion resistance. Designed to fit a wide range of hose sizes and types, it is a versatile and reliable solution for all your hydraulic needs. Engineered with high-quality materials, Rhino products and Brennan fittings are built to withstand the harshest environments and conditions, ensuring maximum performance and longevity.
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RHINO Sleeve® is designed to provide the ultimate in hose protection against hydraulic hose failure by containing pressure and fluids that may escape during a hose burst or pinhole leak.

• RHINO Sleeve®
• RHINO Grip™
• RHINO Color Coding Shrink Tubing™

Rhino is the toughest hose protection available. Protect hoses against point of contact wear.

• RHINO Spiral Guard™
• RHINO Spring Guard™
• RHINO Hide™
• RHINO Bend Restrictor™

Rhino Wrap™ is designed for hose management and abrasion protection, cylinder rod protection, cylinder rod installation and customized options are available.

• RHINO Wrap™ 1050
• RHINO Blue Vinyl Wrap™

Rhino Straps™ allow for natural hose expansion & damage free application movement, eliminate cable tie damage, reduce install time by 50% and are available in several options.

• RHINO Cinch Straps™
• RHINO Safety Strap™
• RHINO Hanging Straps™

Rhino Plugs™ are perfect for emergency leaks and maintenance situations. One plug covers many sizes. Made of oil resistant rubber these strong and reusable plugs also help protect the enviornment.

• RHINO Drip Proof Plugs™
• RHINO Safety Orange Drip Proof Plugs™


• RHINO Spiral Guard Display
• RHINO Plugs Display
• RHINO Sample Packs
• RHINO Sleeve Dispensers
• RHINO Authorized Distributor Pack