Flareless Bite Type

Like tube fittings, SAE flareless bite type tube fittings are comprised of a nut, ferrule, and body and creates a seal with the tube by pushing the ferrule’s cutting edge into the tube wall. They are used on medium to heavy walled tubing, and as the name implies flareless fittings do not require a flaring operation yet provide a leak proof seal and a high resistance to vibration. Brennan manufactures a wide range of steel and stainless steel flareless bite type fittings for your applications which meet or exceed the highest performance standards.

Our high-quality and reliable flareless bite type fittings prevent leaks and reduce torque to ensure a safe and efficient system. Review our large selection of flareless bite types now.

  • C0304-C

    CAP Nut

  • C0318


  • C0319


  • C2402


  • C2403

    BT-BT TUBE Union Straight

  • C2403-LH

    BT-BT TUBE Union Large Hex Straight

  • C2404

    BT-MP ADAPTER Straight

  • C2405

    BT-FP ADAPTER Straight

  • C2406

    TUBE-BT Reducer

  • C2408


  • C2500-FG

    BT-BT Elbow 90

  • C2501-FG

    BT-MP Elbow 90

  • C2501-L-FG

    BT-MP Elbow 90 Long

  • C2501-LL-FG

    BT-MP Elbow 90 X-Long

  • C2502-FG

    BT-FP Elbow 90

  • C2503-FG

    BT-MP Elbow 45