Tube Fittings and Adapters

Brennan manufactures a wide range of tube fittings and adapters that provide leak-tight connections and can stand up to high pressures and temperatures. Not only are they easy to install, but they also come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, styles, and materials— including carbon steel and stainless steel.

Our high-quality and easy-to-use tube fittings, such as JIC fittings, NPT fittings, O-Ring Boss fittings, Weld fittings, nuts, caps, plugs and more, are what you need for the most demanding applications. Explore our large selection of fittings and adapters now.

  • 0302

    Short Nut

  • 0304

    Standard Nut

  • 0304-C


  • 0306

    Bulkhead Lock Nut

  • 0306-N

    Adjustable Nut (NWO Style)

  • 0318


  • 0319

    JIC Tube Sleeve

  • 0403

    Bore-MJ Straight

  • 0403-TS

    MJ Tube Spud

  • 0404

    Bore-MP Straight

  • 0405

    Bore- FP Straight

  • 0406

    Bore-MJ Bulkhead Straight

  • 0500

    Bore-MJ 90 Elbow

  • 0501

    Bore-MP 90 Elbow

  • 0600

    Bore-Bore-MJ Tee

  • 0602

    Bore-Bore-FP Tee