Double Ferrule Tube Fittings

Brennan offers a wide range of stainless double ferrule tube fittings complete and pre-assembled with, nuts, and ferrule sets. Double ferrule tube fittings are the most common style of instrumentation fittings as they are rated for higher pressures than comparable single ferrule fittings to ensure the highest safety and performance.

Brennan instrumentation fittings are interchangeable and intermixable drop-in replacements for more expensive competitor brands.

  • N0304

    IN Plug

  • N0318

    IN Nut

  • N0319-B

    Back Ferrule

  • N0319-F

    Front Ferrule

  • N0319-S

    Ferrule Set

  • N2402

    IN-MJ Straight

  • N2403

    IN-IN Straight

  • N2403RU

    IN-IN Straight

  • N2404

    IN-MNPT Straight

  • N2404-BT

    IN-MNPT Straight – Bore Through

  • N2405

    IN-FNPT Straight

  • N2406

    IN-STDPIPE Straight

  • N2408

    IN Cap

  • N2425

    IN-BW Straight

  • N2426

    IN-SW Straight

  • N2427

    STDPIPE-MJIC Straight