Flare-O Fittings

Brennan offers a large selection of SAE 37 Flare-O fittings for your hydraulic systems, including SAE 37 flare to NPT adapters. They provide a tight seal, incorporating an elastomeric O-ring seal for a leak-proof connection. They serve as an ideal drop-in replacement for SAE 37 degree flared tube fittings. These fittings are extremely reliable, as they provide an exceptionally tight seal for a leak-free solution and are very popular due to their simple construction.

Flared fittings are often used on heavy machinery and industrial and construction equipment for connecting tube or hose in high-pressure and high-temperature applications. Review our wide range of flare-O fittings now for a safe, effective, and leak-free hydraulic system.

  • F0500

    BORE-FO 90 Elbow

  • F2500

    FO-FO 90 Elbow

  • F2501

    FO-MP 90 Elbow

  • F2501-L

    FO-MP 90 Elbow, Long

  • F2501-LL

    FO-MP 90 Elbow, X-Long

  • F2501-LLL

    FO-MP 90 Elbow XX-Long

  • F2502

    FO-FP 90 Elbow

  • F2503

    FO-MP 45 Elbow

  • F2701

    FO-FO Bulkhead 90 Elbow

  • F2702

    FO-FO Bulkhead 45 Elbow

  • F6500

    FO-FJS 90 Elbow

  • F6502

    FO-FJS 45 Elbow

  • F6801-LL-NWO

    FO-MAORB 90 Elbow X-Long

  • F6801-NWO

    FO-MAORB 90 Elbow

  • F6802-NWO

    FO-MAORB 45 Elbow