Push to Connect PCDT

Brennan’s push-to-connect fittings are the most efficient way to connect tubing to a pneumatic fitting for the transfer of compressed air or water. Our PCDT fittings are made of a glass reinforced strong thermoplastic. We offer a wide selection of push-to-connect PCDT fittings for your application. These push-to-connect PCDT fittings are a type of fitting that can be easily fitted and removed to an air or water line.

Our high-quality, easy-to-install push-to-connect PCDT fittings are ideal because they don’t require glue, solder or clamps when being used. This will ensure a quick and effective installation and reinstallation process. Review our wide variety of push-to-connect PDCT fittings now.

  • PCDT2601

    Male Branch Tee-Fractional Inch Tube To Male NPT

  • PCDT2603

    Union Tee-Fractional Inch Tube To Tube To Tube

  • PCDT2605

    Male Run Tee-Fractional Inch Tube To Male NPT