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IT Director


· Running regular checks on network and data security.

· Identifying and acting on opportunities to improve and update software and systems.

· Developing and implementing IT policy and best practice guides for the organization.

· Conducting regular systems audits.

· Running and sharing regular operation system reports with senior staff.

· Overseeing and determining timeframes for major IT projects including system updates, upgrades, migrations and outages.

· Managing and reporting on allocation of IT budget.

· Providing direction for IT team members.

· Any additional projects as required by management.


· Ability to travel up to 25%, including international travel.

· Experience with managing an ERP system and CRM system.

· Effective communication skills

· Strong problem solving skills and ability to work autonomously.

· Strong proficiency in Microsoft Office products.


· Bachelor’s Degree in Information Technology or Computer Science.

· At least 10 years of experience in an IT related field, with at least 5 of those years in supervisory position.

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    1st Shift CNC Mill Set-Up (Cleveland, OH)

    About Brennan Industries:

    When you work at Brennan Industries, you are part of something bigger because the products we make are used to help the world become a better place. We are determined to invest in people, which is why we create an unstoppable, family-oriented team. One that can support critical infrastructure while achieving unlimited success. If you have grit, passion and drive, we want you to apply for one of our open positions. What you can become and the impact you can support truly has no limits.


    • Set up production machines to meet customer orders
    • Plans machining by studying work orders, blueprints, material specifications, drawings, locations of surfaces, and machining parameters; interpreting dimensions and tolerances.
    • Installs and sets tools, attachments, collets, boring bars , turn tools, and stops
    • Maintains safe operations by adhering to safety procedures and regulations.
    • Maintains equipment by completing preventive maintenance requirements; following manufactures instructions; troubleshooting malfunctions
    • Maintains continuity among work shifts by documenting and communicating actions, irregularities, and continuing needs
    • Completes production and quality records
    • Maintain a safe, clean, and organized work area


    • Basic editing
    • Basic math
    • Blueprint reading
    • Utilize various measuring gages
    • Attention to detail and communication skills, oral and written


    • High School diploma or equivalent required
    • Minimum 3 years’ experience with CNC lathe and/or mill set up

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      布劳宁的标准三价铬耐腐蚀性将近美国汽车工程师学会(SAE)标准的2倍,该电镀表面为银色 ,顺利通过实验室120小时白锈和240小时红锈测试。



      不锈钢接头是耐受各种腐蚀的最佳选择。它坚固且具有优秀的化学性能和耐腐蚀性,能在425 ℃ ~ 800℃的温度范围内广泛使用。产品在海洋、化工、天然气和海上设备的应用领域都有广泛需求。布劳宁正在不断地扩大不锈钢配件的生产和库存。

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      Completely Custom

      When your engineering team meets with ours, great things will happen. We have a dedicated staff that focuses on customized solutions for critical flow components. Whether it’s altering a standard or starting from scratch, you can count on the Brennan Engineered Solutions Team*.

      Because we control the manufacturing process from end-to-end, we can offer the widest variety of sizes, materials, platings coatings, and customized solutions. Take advantage of our years of experience and keep projects on time by getting us involved early.

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      Huge Inventory

      We carry roughly 4 times more hydraulic fitting and adapter inventory than our competitors. That means if you need an unusual size or configuration, Brennan is the most likely to have it. Not only that, but we also have 7 fully stocked distribution centers worldwide. That means we can get it to you quickly. And if we don’t carry it, we can make it for you!

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      Really Rust Resistant


      Brennan’s standard Trivalent CR3TM plating performs at nearly double the S.A.E. corrosion resistance requirement. This plating is silver in appearance and has been tested at 120 hours to white rust and 240 hours to red rust.


      Developed to the requirements of leading OEMs, Brennan’s Zinc Nickel blend has proven durability and corrosion resistance nearly five times the industry standard. Independently tested at 360 hours to white rust and 504 hours to red, Brennan’s Zinc Nickel is an excellent, cost effective choice for enhanced performance.


      Brennan Black® is the industry’s most advanced protection for highly corrosive applications. Field and lab tests show that our coating resists red rust beyond 1,700 hours of exposure- that means an advantage of more than 300 percent when compared to other plating. A proprietary blend of fluoropolymer, engineering plastics and selected corrosion inhibitors, Brennan Black® protects your equipment investment and ensures longevity in the most corrosive environments, reducing your replacement costs.


      For the ultimate corrosion resistance, stainless steel fittings are the best choice. Stainless steel is strong and has a wide temperature range of 425° to 800°, combined with excellent chemical and corrosion resistance properties. Stainless steel is required for many marine, chemical, gas and off shore equipment applications. Brennan manufactures and stocks an extensive range of stainless steel fittings.

      * In addition to carbon steel and stainless steel, our fittings are also available in brass, aluminum and other exotic alloys.